Find your niche market, advises president of Cascade Projects Calgary


Cascade Projects Calgary

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Richard Piche, president of Cascade Projects Calgary, is an oil and gas professional who has developed complete life cycle oil and gas properties from conception, to construction, to full online production. With more than 40 years of hands on operations, engineering, project management, and corporate development experience, Richard possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills applicable to the development of greenfield and brownfield properties. He has extensive Canadian and International experience in Indonesia, India, Kuwait and Poland, both on the Exploration and Production (E&P) company side and with Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services.

Richard is a member of the Alberta Metis community with a long history of family roots from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. His Metis and Indigenous ancestry includes Gabriel Dumont on his mother’s side and on his father’s side Pesew, Peechee Louis Piche chief of the mountain Crees and guide to Sir George Simpson in the Banff area during the early 1800’s.

“The industry that I’m working in that I have a great passion for, the oil and gas industry, it’s provided 45 years of international and domestic work…”

He said he feels there is a disconnect between the engineering field and Indigenous communities.

“Engineers are typically people that put their blinders on. ‘Give me a job to do and I’ll do it and I’ll get it all done.’ But we don’t always look up and see what the soft skills around us are required. I wanted to mix the engineering end with the soft skills.” That means the engineer getting out into the community and doing Indigenous engagement to see what the capacity is and getting the industry and the communities working. Piche says he’s always had the ability to connect with people.

Piche’s advice for getting started in business—find your niche market.

“Everybody know our industry is in a real downturn, so you kind of have to find that niche.”