LISTEN: Five minutes with four candidates for AFN national chief

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 4:38pm


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Miles Richardson, Russell Diabo, Sheila North, and Perry Bellegarde (missing is Katherine Whitecloud).

On July 25th, Chiefs from across Canada, or their proxies, will vote for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. For this AMMSA Radio forum, the Candidates had the same questions and had five minutes to answer them. Names were drawn from a hat to determine the order of the presentations here.

Miles Richardson starts the presentations off:

“There’s no way that our women and girls should be feeling so unsafe in this country, and dammit our leaders have to stand up and protect them and hold Canada accountable to protecting them.”

Russell Diabo: 

“I’ve heard from a lot of chiefs already that they believe there’s problems with the way that AFN does votes, and the way that the AFN does business.”

Sheila North:

“We should be designing our own programs. There should never be anything planned about us without us.”

Perry Bellegarde:

“We’re supposed to be working toward long-term, sustainable, predictable funding. And we want to make sure that any funding is treaty-based, it’s based on needs, it's based on total population on and off the reserves… keeps up with inflation.”

Interviews by:

Jeremy Harpe of CJWE 88.1 Calgary, Listen Live at

Dustin McGladrey of CFWE-FM. Listen Live at