Juanita House of Eisan Consulting believes in taking a measured approach

Juanita House

President. Founder. Legal Nurse Consultant. These are just a few of the titles Juanita House goes by.

Juanita House is the president and founder of Eisan Consulting. The team at Eisan partner with industry professionals who are passionate about the successful outcome for both employer and employee.

At Eisan Consulting, they believe that wellness, work and productivity is interdependent and it is that balance that makes great companies.

“I have a degree in nursing and I was always interested in the employee health aspect. I had a fascination with employee health,” says Juanita.

“We all have to work. It adds value to our lives. I gravitated very quickly to injury prevention, health and wellness programs, and then I went on to advanced education in occupational health and wellness and disability management.”

The company has doubled in size over the past four years.

“It's reflective of the commitment we have with our employers and clients to ensure that even workers who are left in the workplace that have not been laid off, that they still have health and wellness as a mandate for their workplaces,” Juanita explains.

Juanita is also a Legal Nurse Consultant as well as a Senior Consultant in Occupational Health and Disability and received the Ruptask-Mandryk Nurse of the Year Award for Occupational Health Nursing.

She is a member of the Mi’kmaq First Nations Qalipu, and her passion for fly fishing and the outdoors keeps her focused and grounded. Juanita has said that our ancestors believed that all living things had a spirit and everything was interdependent on each other.

“My greatest lesson, I would say to anyone who is going to be an entrepreneur, is fear will set you back. It will paralyze you,” she says.

“For me, I always took a measured approach. So when I started the business I did the research and I ensured that when I started the business I had a permanent part-time job that supported me, then I gradually grew my contracts.”