Each tipi pole teaches a value

A tipi stands in a meadow surrounded by trees.

Shared by Paskostikwannew Kihew iskwew onikaniw (Bald Eagle Woman who Leads, Elder Doreen Spence)

1. Obedience: We learn by listening to traditional stories

2. Respect: We honor our Elders, the basic rights of others & all of creation.

3. Humility: We are not above or below anyone else.

4. Happiness: We must show enthusiasm for life & encourage others to do the same. This makes our ancestors in the next world happy.

5. Love: When we live in harmony, we must accept each other as a human race. We must show love to one another.

6. Faith: We must learn to trust and believe in others. Honor gives us strength.

7. Kinship: Family is very important to us. Family gives us roots that tie us to the lifeblood of the earth.

8. Cleanliness: We must have good thoughts by traveling the road from the head to the heart space. This is done through practicing Indigenous spirituality.

9. Thankfulness: Learn to be grateful for all kinds of things and accept Creator’s bounty.

10. Sharing: By helping others, we share in responsibilities in order to enjoy them.

11. Strength: We learn to be patient in times of trouble. We must accept our own difficulties and tragedies so we can help others.

12. Good child rearing: Children are gifts from Creator and we are responsible for their wellbeing. 

13. Hope: We must hope for things that will make life better and easier for us, our families and communities.

14. Ultimate Protection is to achieve a balance of health by caring for the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

15: Control flaps: We are all connected by relationships and we depend on each other.