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LISTEN: Siksika banishes non-members accused of drug dealing

“We are taking action.” —Siksika Councillor Ike Solway

By Brittney Pastion Contributor

Siksika Councillor Ike Solway talked with Brittney Pastion of CFWE-FM after chief and council voted to banish three men from their territory.

Council claims the men, non-members of Siksika, are drug dealing in the community.

“In regards to what we are doing about the banishment… one of the key things we are looking at is hearing the voices of our citizens.” They have a lot of concern about illegal activity surrounding drugs and the trafficking of drugs, said Solway.

“Our mandate is a healthy wellness community.”

A band council resolution identifies the men by name, and Siksika is working in collaboration with the RCMP for enforcement. The three men are not permitted to enter the reserve.

“If any one of them is found on the reserve, they will be considered trespassing on Siksika Nation and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” reads a statement from the nation.

Chief and Council seek the community’s assistance and ask members to report illegal activity. Call the Gleichen Detachment at (403)734-3056, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or the RCMP Complaint Line at (403) 734-3923.

Solway said Siksika, like other communities in Canada, must deal with social issues, including the use of illegal drugs in the community. And Siksika, like other communities, are looking for resources to help combat the problems that come from drug use.

“We will not tolerate any illegal activity or criminal activity surrounding drug usage, as well as the trafficking of drugs… We are taking action.”

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